ABC Lawyers Ltd announces the purchase of Tuloca Ltd, in win for former Justice4 clients.


  • ABC Lawyers completes the deal to purchase Tuloca Ltd on 7 August 2017
  • Announcement brings new hope to thousands of former Justice4 clients
  • Significant investment to support clients in exiting their timeshares and claim compensation


ABC Lawyers Ltd has announced the purchase of Tuloca Ltd.  The timeshare legal experts have acquired the Tuloca and Hello Consulting brands, in order to make their expertise available to Justice4 clients.


“We’re delighted to announce that ABC Lawyers Ltd has purchased Tuloca Ltd.  As of 7 August 2017, all aspects of Tuloca Ltd’s business – including services for Justice4 clients – will be handled by ABC Lawyers.  We are continually investing in securing a better future for the thousands of unhappy timeshare owners who are seeking to exit their ownerships… Click to read more.



Justice4 Enforcing Your Civil Rights

Please note that this website is now operated by Tuloca Ltd. If you require specific information on Justice4 Ltd as a company you can visit our about page here.

Timeshare Scam is a strong phrase but sadly, we hear it far too often when listening to clients account of how they bought their timeshare or holiday ownership. Timeshare as a product is usually a great way to improve your holiday accommodation standard and guarantee some kind of quality when travelling to a foreign country. However it is not the product that is usually at fault, when we dig a little deeper it is usually the way the product is presented or sold that is the problem.

Too Many People Get Caught in a Timeshare or Holiday Ownership Scam these days, if you are one of them then read on.

Timeshare Scam or Mis-Sold Holiday Club?

worried couple timeshare scam

Have you fallen for a timeshare scam and need help? Or bought a timeshare or holiday ownership package that is now feeling like a rock around your neck?  Do you feel you were mis-sold your holiday ownership? If your costs are getting you down and you feel that there is no way out of paying your rising management fees, then we are here to inform you otherwise. With Justice4 on your side, we will do our best to get you out of the situation you currently find yourself in.

Timeshare is meant to be purely a holiday concept.

Did you know that some  timeshare agreements are in perpetuity? This means that the maintenance agreement is FOR EVER! We understand that this can worry clients and lead to strains in the family, this is why we are here with good news.

Timeshare and Holiday ownership legislation has changed over the years and is there to protect European Citizens when purchasing travel products whilst abroad (or in their home country).

If you have paid ANY kind of deposit at any time within 14 days of signing for your Timeshare or Holiday Ownership membership then you may have the opportunity to claim your contract null and void and demand 100% of your money back through court.

We will help you do this with our network of lawyers and legal professionals. We are a 100% UK limited company who are registered and trade in the UK, with partner lawyers all over Europe.

Clients can either visit us at our UK (Wales) head office or speak to us in the comfort of their own home.

All information provided by our company is Publicly Researchable. We use official consumer directives and governing bodies to reference your claim. Please feel free to read about The Timeshare Directive below:



Telemarketing Helpworried lady telemarketing timeshare scam

Have you been phoned and talked into parting with your hard earned money over the phone? If you have paid a company money and feel you have been mis-sold or if the company have made promises that have not materialised we may be able to help.


Direct Contact with Prospective Clients

We take our responsibilities very seriously when dealing with prospective clients and data handling. We would like to make it completely clear, that as a minor part of our marketing, we cold call clients. This makes up less than 10% of our marketing costs/campaigns.

We only obtain data from licensed companies and always screen all our data for TPS (telephone preference service) as set out in ICO (Information Commissioners Office) guidelines, our most recent screen results are available on request. We also allow any prospective clients to “Opt out” of our database at any time by emailing your telephone number to:

We also abide by strict rules set out by the American Bar Association regarding direct contact with prospective clients. We advise all clients that we are NOT lawyers (as per the first question on our FAQ page here). We are a separate company to the network of qualified lawyers and are therefore able to contact prospective clients with regard to retaining the services of our company, as we are offering a legal service plan which is not operated by or owned by any lawyer that we choose to contract on your behalf.

For your information, we have included the complete outline of rules regarding this here.

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